Obsolescence Management

Problem Solvers

We’re talking about our people this month. Our workshop team has continued to expand over the past 12 months and we’re working on multiple projects in-house, supporting our clients on site and delivering comprehensive training plans alongside industry masterclasses in our local colleges.  Did you know we’ve been working with Relay Test Boxes for over 10 years?…

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“well that’s what you’ve always done”

Earlier this year we were invited to help inform Government Policy on Resources and Waste Strategy by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). The topics covered include circularity and sustainability of procurement and operations, our opinion on consumer trends, how we adapt to changes in the policy landscape related to resource and waste, and…

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What is…?

At Like Technologies, we like it when people ask questions, it’s something we actively encourage across our engineering, administration and leadership teams. Here, we’ve summarised the most common questions you’ve searched for (and found) on our website in 2022. What is the Difference Between Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering? Re-engineering and reverse engineering are two technical…

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What is re-engineering?


Companies working within industrial environments are increasingly under pressure from the demands of modern-day and the desire to have solutions to a problem at the click of a finger. Rising customer demands puts pressure on these industries specifically when output and performance needs to be at a maximum but downtime is not an option. There is…

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Case Study: Under Voltage Relay Remanufacture

Under voltage relay

Companies working within industrial environments are under pressure from the demands of the modern-day when output and performance need to be at a maximum, but downtime is not an option. There is increasingly a need to improve the performance of existing equipment as an alternative solution, that’s where re-manufacturing comes in.  One of our customers has…

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How Repairing Electronic Modules Keeps The Power Generation Industry Going


The power generation industry, and more specifically, nuclear power often relies on legacy software and systems to keep their sites running. These industries constantly face pressure to extend the functional lifetime of their older equipment, more specifically electronic modules due to the huge investment and upheaval it would take to simply replace the entire system.…

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Case Study: Using Bespoke System Design to combat Obsolescence

Our client needed to mitigate issues surrounding ageing plant equipment across their fleet. One such issue was identified within the EPPE (Essential Plant Protection Equipment) ROP B system. The system modules contain components that have become obsolete making repair difficult and sometimes impossible. As a Class 1 high integrity system, EPPE ROP B is essential…

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Industrial Electronic Repairs Help to Generate Net Zero

Industrial electronic repairs, such as those carried out by Like Technologies to support operators of control systems, are helping to extend the life of existing Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors (AGRs) supplying low carbon energy while newer alternatives are established. What is Net Zero? Net Zero is an increasingly popular term that has been widely publicised in…

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