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Simulation Success

At Like Technologies, we’re a dedicated team of hardware and software engineers with long standing partnerships in the nuclear industry. Our teams quite often collaborate on projects together to ensure synergy between hardware and software solutions, one area they work on is simulations. Simulations are used across many different industries and sectors, often for training…

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Electronics Engineer in Lancaster

Do you have Electronic Engineering qualifications but haven’t found the right company to put those skills to use? Would you enjoy fault finding, testing, and repairing electronic equipment? Would you love to work in a friendly close-knit team? Then Like Technologies is the place for you! We are a small team of electronic hardware and…

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Electronics Technician in Halton, Lancaster

Do you enjoy taking things apart to fix them? Do you enjoy problem-solving? Would you prefer hands-on practical work? Have you considered a career in Electronics? We are a small team of electronic hardware and software engineers based in Halton, near Lancaster, and we are looking for enthusiastic and hard-working people to join us. We…

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