Problem Solvers

We’re talking about our people this month. Our workshop team has continued to expand over the past 12 months and we’re working on multiple projects in-house, supporting our clients on site and delivering comprehensive training plans alongside industry masterclasses in our local colleges. 

Did you know we’ve been working with Relay Test Boxes for over 10 years? We supplied them for use at one power plant, but after proven success in boosting efficiency and reducing cost, more orders were made across the fleet. There is a new version in development and we are already in talks with most of you that already have test boxes on site. Please do get in contact if you’ve not heard from us and want to know more. We’ll also be at the On Site Nu-Tech events if you want to speak with us then.

Alongside the new Relay Test Box development, we’ve also completed requests for Go/No-Go Relays, ISOLAR Relays and TOLC cables. When we describe ourselves as problem solvers, we truly believe we are. Often our clients will come to us with the problem and we’ll come up with a solution.

What is your current problem and how can we help? Call us on 01524 811383 or send an email to