How Repairing Electronic Modules Keeps The Power Generation Industry Going

The power generation industry, and more specifically, nuclear power often relies on legacy software and systems to keep their sites running. These industries constantly face pressure to extend the functional lifetime of their older equipment, more specifically electronic modules due to the huge investment and upheaval it would take to simply replace the entire system.…

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Case Study: Developing Automated Relay Test Boxes to Improve Plant Productivity

A large number of relay types, especially Clifford and Snell (now C&S Controls) D2600 series relays, are used across a broad spectrum of industrial control systems. Usage includes controlling the movement of reactor control rods in nuclear power stations. Outage periods at nuclear power stations provide limited opportunities to carry out essential maintenance functions.  Relay…

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Electech in Morecambe Bay and South Lakeland

Like Technologies attend Array Festival 2021 to talk about Electech

Morecambe Bay, Lancaster and South Lakeland form a thriving hub of Electech activity. Geographically central in the UK, this area has a long industrial heritage of increasingly high-tech industries. Read on to learn more about this vital sector and the role that Like Technologies plays within it.

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What is Electech?

Electech is the name given to the innovative industry sector producing the electronics and electrical hardware which is essential for the existence of technology.

Electech is the innovative industry sector producing the electronics and electrical hardware and embedded software needed to make technology work.

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