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Industrial Electronic Repairs and Refurbishment

electronic testing solutionsExtending the functional life of essential equipment

We offer industrial electronic repair and refurbishment services and high-integrity testing for a wide range of electronic circuit boards, modules and systems. Our expert knowledge and years of experience mean that you can rely on our team to extend the functional life of essential, valuable equipment. We provide a high-quality service with a swift turnaround.

Our focus is on sustainability, security and future-proofing, and all of our solutions are developed with this in mind. Our rigorous testing procedures can identify repair requirements and areas for improvement on all types of equipment in order to keep them operational far beyond their design life cycle.

Our core capabilities

Like Technologies has a proven reputation for resolving issues with electronic module assemblies. Our team provide repair, test, calibration, refurbishment and re-manufacture services on a range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) assemblies and individual printed circuit boards.

Our core capabilities include:

  • Detailed assessment of an assembly or printed circuit board (PCB) for repair, refurbishment or remanufacture down to individual component level
  • Identification and sourcing of obsolete components e.g. OEM bespoke design transformers and relays
  • Identification of assembly testing requirements and the subsequent design and build of test rigs
  • Development of a job specific technical file to support engineering justifications for use on plant
  • In addition our service is supported by a suite of ISO and industry standard procedures and processes that have been used to re-manufacture safety related equipment on nuclear facilities
  • All modules are repaired or refurbished to the Rework Modification & Repair of Electronic Assemblies Standard (IPC – 7711 / 7721) and inspected against the Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies Standard (IPC – A - 610)

Our industrial electronic repairs, refurbishment and remanufacturing capabilities in action

We currently have a large repair portfolio with hundreds of different types of modules and complete a huge number of annual repairs. Please read on for an example of our work in action.

Under Voltage Relay Remanufacture

Our client, EDF Energy, has a number of units that require regular maintenance to ensure plant safety and functionality. Sometimes they have to be remanufactured for optimum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We were tasked with the remanufacture of an Under-Voltage Relay for use on plant monitoring systems. This required a like-for-like product that could be installed with minimum disruption to existing plant. We undertook in-depth analysis of the original unit to identify the necessary components for a remanufacture.

It was essential that the remanufactured product was true to the original in order for seamless integration. Great care was taken to source identical or modern equivalent components that performed exactly as those in the original. Once the components and necessary boards had been gathered, the remanufactured product was assembled in line with industry standards, mirroring the production of the original unit.

The remanufactured products were then subjected to rigorous testing to ensure their functionality was exact, complete and met the original standards. Performance was measured against the original unit to monitor for any discrepancies in outcome.

We were then able to manufacture multiple units to fulfil our client’s requirements. An exact replication of the original unit was provided, guaranteeing functionality that could be installed into the existing plant with minimal disruption. Comprehensive analysis of the unit and the subsequent design process also equipped us with the specialist knowledge to efficiently handle any future orders, repairs or further remanufacturing work.

How can we help your organisation?

Like Technologies’ engineering team possess the training and experience necessary to carry out diagnostic fault finding, high-integrity testing and repair and refurbishment services for a wide range of systems, covering  a broad spectrum of circuit boards and electronic modules. Our services and solutions are delivered across a range of sectors and environments.

We are centrally located in the UK and are here to solve your electronic challenges. We can provide:

  • Diagnostic reports identifying the point and reason of failure
  • PCB repair and refurbishment
  • Emergency fast turnaround repair services
  • Tailored solutions ensuring minimum impact to business continuity
  • Material analysis and selection
  • 12 month warranty on all repairs

We are always keen to speak to new organisations where our expert industrial electronic repair, refurbishment and testing services can provide bespoke, value for money solutions. Get in touch today by visiting our contact page or calling us on 01524 811383.