Simulation Success

At Like Technologies, we’re a dedicated team of hardware and software engineers with long standing partnerships in the nuclear industry. Our teams quite often collaborate on projects together to ensure synergy between hardware and software solutions, one area they work on is simulations. Simulations are used across many different industries and sectors, often for training…

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Like for Like

An image with text that says like for like.

Like for Like is what we meant when we named the business. We set out to either repair or replace electronic equipment, like-for-like. We were founded in 2006, in response to the need for obsolescence management solutions in industry and under the principles of sustainability. As the company has grown, we’re also able to create new…

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Finding the solution to a problem

Our team of problem solvers, also known as the Like Tech team, have been reunited as our work for the Heysham 2 outage is complete. For some of them, it was their first outage describing the experience as “interesting”, “a learning experience” and “eye opening”. It’s one thing to be told what to expect from…

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Just two, not fifty-two.

At Like Technologies, there’s not a lot we say no to. Often, an existing client will ask us to reproduce a product and our answer will be along the lines of, “let’s take a look first, but yes, I’m sure we’ll be able to help you.” In the most recent case, we were asked to…

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What does Sustainability mean to us?

Sustainability at Like Technologies

Sustainability is frequently mentioned in mainstream media and businesses continue to be asked what it means for them. Questions are also asked in the supply chain, meaning it has rightly moved up the ladder of priorities. At a recent business event, whilst in conversation with another business owner they casually said; “…well that’s what you’ve always been doing at Like Technologies isn’t…

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What is…?

At Like Technologies, we like it when people ask questions, it’s something we actively encourage across our engineering, administration and leadership teams. Here, we’ve summarised the most common questions you’ve searched for (and found) on our website in 2022. What is the Difference Between Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering? Re-engineering and reverse engineering are two technical…

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Pulse to Pneumatic Project – Bespoke Hardware Design

P2P Project LT

Our customer, EDF at Torness, were experiencing some issues on installation of their new Pulse to Pneumatic converters at Torness Power Station. They had replaced their existing converters from the pneumatic/mechanical originals with a much smaller electronic alternative. These ageing pieces of equipment had a high failure rate and were more costly or very difficult…

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What is re-engineering?


Companies working within industrial environments are increasingly under pressure from the demands of modern-day and the desire to have solutions to a problem at the click of a finger. Rising customer demands puts pressure on these industries specifically when output and performance needs to be at a maximum but downtime is not an option. There is…

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Case Study: Under Voltage Relay Remanufacture

Under voltage relay

Companies working within industrial environments are under pressure from the demands of the modern-day when output and performance need to be at a maximum, but downtime is not an option. There is increasingly a need to improve the performance of existing equipment as an alternative solution, that’s where re-manufacturing comes in.  One of our customers has…

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