How Repairing Electronic Modules Keeps The Power Generation Industry Going

The power generation industry, and more specifically, nuclear power often relies on legacy software and systems to keep their sites running. These industries constantly face pressure to extend the functional lifetime of their older equipment, more specifically electronic modules due to the huge investment and upheaval it would take to simply replace the entire system.…

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Case Study: Developing Automated Relay Test Boxes to Improve Plant Productivity

A large number of relay types, especially Clifford and Snell (now C&S Controls) D2600 series relays, are used across a broad spectrum of industrial control systems. Usage includes controlling the movement of reactor control rods in nuclear power stations. Outage periods at nuclear power stations provide limited opportunities to carry out essential maintenance functions.  Relay…

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Case Study: Using Bespoke System Design to combat Obsolescence

Our client needed to mitigate issues surrounding ageing plant equipment across their fleet. One such issue was identified within the EPPE (Essential Plant Protection Equipment) ROP B system. The system modules contain components that have become obsolete making repair difficult and sometimes impossible. As a Class 1 high integrity system, EPPE ROP B is essential…

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What is a Nuclear Power Station Reactor Outage?

Heysham Power Station

Nuclear power station reactor outage periods fall into two categories, forced and statutory. Forced outages occur due to emergency reasons or unanticipated breakdowns that can’t be dealt with while the reactor is at power. Statutory outages are scheduled and are a legal requirement enforced by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR). These outages are shutdowns…

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Industrial Electronic Repairs Help to Generate Net Zero

Like Technologies provide a high quality industrial electronic repairs service

Industrial electronic repairs, such as those carried out by Like Technologies to support operators of control systems, are helping to extend the life of existing Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors (AGRs) supplying low carbon energy while newer alternatives are established. What is Net Zero? Net Zero is an increasingly popular term that has been widely publicised in…

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What is Obsolescence Management?

Like Technologies specialise in obsolescence management, including electronic repair

Obsolescence is a growing and significant threat to industry in the UK. Here, we explain what obsolescence management is and discuss our tailored approach.

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Outage 2020

Outage season has drawn to a close for our team at Like Technologies and although circumstances have arguably been more challenging than usual due to the current working conditions placed upon us by Covid-19, we can proudly say that our team has once again delivered. Our work with EDF for their planned outage at Heysham…

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April 2020 Update

Like Technologies continues to remain open and operational and we are working hard to maintain a balance between the safety and security of our team members and our commitment to ourcustomers. Our main focus during this time has been providing support to EDF at Heysham 2 to return R8 to service following its 2 month…

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Stanlow Refinery Exhibition

Essar Oil UK Stanlow

Like Technologies attended Stanlow Refinery’s ESSAR Oil UK Smart Engineering and Obsolescence Solutions Exhibition on the 20th of June, an event which attracted industry experts from across the country. The event focused on obsolescence and SMART engineering. We were able to share expert insights into our work with obsolescence within the nuclear industry and are…

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