Custom Test Solutions

Solutions for seamless integration

At Like Technologies, we follow industry standards and exact customer specifications to create innovative solutions for both modern and legacy systems. Our unique test boxes are purpose-built to ensure maximum efficiency, with significant cost and time benefits.

Our bespoke test solutions are currently used with legacy systems in highly-secure environments, providing reliable support in counteracting the effects of ageing and obsolescence in the power-generation industry. By utilising many years of in-depth and niche knowledge, our technical team can design ingenious products that support critical systems and streamline plant processes.

If the off-the-shelf test systems currently on the market don’t meet your specific needs, why not consider one of our custom test solutions? We can provide the perfect solution to meet your exact requirements.

What are custom test solutions?

Custom test solutions are designed and built-in in response to specific testing requirements. They are created to perform functional tests during maintenance routines where off-the-shelf commercial testing systems simply won’t do.

Custom test solutions are also created with the requirements and future scalability of the organisation that has requested them in mind. Affordability and potential future alterations are also key factors.

Our custom test solutions and services

Like Technologies is a bespoke design and build provider of instrumentation equipment that provides control solutions to energy sectors. Our solutions are tailor-made and designed around unique or specialist plant, equipment or environments. They can be integrated into your existing systems and processes to minimise impact or disruption to normal business operations.

Our testing solutions are designed to target our customers’ key priorities such as safety, availability, reliability and cost reduction.

Our custom test capabilities in action

We designed and produced an automated test relay box for EDF Energy, minimising the time required to test a multitude of Clifford and Snell relays across their plant. The strategy was to reduce costs while improving the accuracy of results and providing a greater guarantee of plant safety in a much shorter timeframe.

The design of the test solution was adaptable to multiple different voltages of relay, adding an element of versatility to the product. This has allowed it to be used in several different plant areas. Ultimately, the relay test box has become an indispensable piece of plant equipment in ensuring plant safety across EDF Energy’s nuclear fleet.

How can we help?

If you have a specific testing requirement but have researched commercial off-the-peg solutions and have been unable to find a match that meets your needs or price point  – that’s where we come in!

Our specialist test engineering team can provide a personal level of customer service and support, helping you to tackle your project and guiding you through all stages of the testing process.

We are always keen to speak to new organisations where our team of experts can provide guidance on creating a bespoke testing solution. Innovative, reliable, value for money solutions are our speciality. Get in touch today by visiting our contact page or calling us on 01524 811383.