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Like Technologies provide a high quality industrial electronic repairs service

Industrial Electronic Repairs Help to Generate Net Zero

July 14, 2021

Industrial electronic repairs, such as those carried out by Like Technologies to support operators of control systems, are helping to extend the life of existing Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors (AGRs) supplying low carbon energy while newer alternatives are established. What is Net Zero? Net Zero is an increasingly popular term that…

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Like Technologies attend Array Festival 2021 to talk about Electech

Electech in Morecambe Bay and South Lakeland

May 26, 2021

Morecambe Bay, Lancaster and South Lakeland form a thriving hub of Electech activity. Geographically central in the UK, this area has a long industrial heritage of increasingly high-tech industries. Read on to learn more about this vital sector and the role that Like Technologies plays within it.

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Like Technologies offer bespoke re-engineering and reverse engineering services. We are proud to be a signatory of the Tech Talent Charter.

Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion in the Technology Industry

April 1, 2021

At Like Technologies, we believe that encouraging diversity and inclusion leads to greater innovation in the technology industry. As electronic and software engineering specialists, we understand that it is essential to ensure that technology can play a major role in economic recovery and growth for all industry sectors of the…

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Electronic engineering and software company Like Technologies has created a greener office environment by introducing Aloe vera plantss

Why Companies Should Engage Employees in Green Initiatives

March 4, 2021

Engaging employees is an important aspect of any company green initiative. Read on to discover how we created a scheme which works at Like Technologies.

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Electech is the name given to the innovative industry sector producing the electronics and electrical hardware which is essential for the existence of technology.

What is Electech?

February 24, 2021

Electech is the innovative industry sector producing the electronics and electrical hardware and embedded software needed to make technology work.

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Like Technologies offer bespoke re-engineering and reverse engineering services

What is the Difference Between Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering?

January 14, 2021

Re-engineering and reverse engineering are both routinely used in obsolescence management. Here we explain the difference between the two technical processes.

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Like Technologies specialise in obsolescence management, including electronic repair

What is Obsolescence Management?

November 11, 2020

Obsolescence is a growing and significant threat to industry in the UK. Here, we explain what obsolescence management is and discuss our tailored approach.

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Like Technologies provides electronic design and repair, control system support, softtware development and obsolescence management solutions for industry.

The Future of Electronics in Lancaster

September 16, 2020

Are you interested in a career in the buoyant sector of technology and electronics, in the Lancaster area? Perhaps you have driven past companies such as Like Technologies in Halton, Forsberg in Heysham, Milliamp Technologies, OTAQ, Rinicom and Northern HiTech in Lancaster and wondered exactly what services they provide and the…

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Like Tech and Milliamp Led Consortia Wins Share of £3M Training Fund

June 25, 2020

We have some fantastic news to announce for the Lancaster Electronics scene! Like Tech alongside Milliamp and a number of other Electronics Businesses in the Lancaster area have been successful as a consortia in securing funding from the Fast Track Digital Workforce Fund to help get new talent into the…

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