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Simulation Success

November 8, 2023

At Like Technologies, we’re a dedicated team of hardware and software engineers with long standing partnerships in the nuclear industry. Our teams quite often collaborate on projects together to ensure synergy between hardware and software solutions, one area they work on is simulations. Simulations are used across many different industries…

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Electronics Engineer in Lancaster

November 1, 2023

Do you have Electronic Engineering qualifications but haven’t found the right company to put those skills to use? Would you enjoy fault finding, testing, and repairing electronic equipment? Would you love to work in a friendly close-knit team? Then Like Technologies is the place for you! We are a small…

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Electronics Technician in Halton, Lancaster

November 1, 2023

Do you enjoy taking things apart to fix them? Do you enjoy problem-solving? Would you prefer hands-on practical work? Have you considered a career in Electronics? We are a small team of electronic hardware and software engineers based in Halton, near Lancaster, and we are looking for enthusiastic and hard-working…

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An image with text that says like for like.

Like for Like

October 11, 2023

Like for Like is what we meant when we named the business. We set out to either repair or replace electronic equipment, like-for-like. We were founded in 2006, in response to the need for obsolescence management solutions in industry and under the principles of sustainability. As the company has grown, we’re…

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Finding the solution to a problem

September 14, 2023

Our team of problem solvers, also known as the Like Tech team, have been reunited as our work for the Heysham 2 outage is complete. For some of them, it was their first outage describing the experience as “interesting”, “a learning experience” and “eye opening”. It’s one thing to be…

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We’re a finalist!

August 31, 2023

Opening our email inbox this time last week we were shocked to find out that Like Technologies are a finalist in the BECBC Awards 2023! I mean, we knew we’d submitted an entry and selected a category that gave us the opportunity to showcase our strengths, but as can often…

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Simon from the Like Tech team showing a piece of repair work at the recent company meeting.

Refurbish to Sustain

August 17, 2023

At Like Technologies we have two company meetings per year. It’s an opportunity for the team to come together, share knowledge and provide an update from each department. At the most recent one, held in May, one of our engineers Simon, updated us on an ongoing project that he would describe…

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Strides for Springfield

July 27, 2023

Our fundraising for Springfield has been kick started with Kate completing the virtual London Marathon and the Coniston2Barrow walk within two weeks of one another. During the outage at Heysham 2, the Like Tech team were also challenged to walk or run 100 miles in 30 days. Although they weren’t…

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Searching for the ‘doing’ words

July 13, 2023

We’ve spoken about our hardware and software engineers before and if you look at the case studies on our website, they’re likely to be about our workshop team. It can be trickier to tell you about the work our IS team get up to but that doesn’t mean it’s any…

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