Strength in Software

Padlocks – you’ll find them on the shed door, or more recently on city centre bridges, commonly known as ‘love locks’. So why are we mentioning them in our blog this month? To remind you that our team are here to support and strengthen your software and cyber security.

GCHQ have warned us all of an ‘enduring and significant threat to UK’s critical infrastructure’ and newspapers share articles daily about ‘compromised IT systems’ so we know it’s a top priority. 

You’ll be aware that energy companies are attractive targets for those with malicious intent and face all the typical threats that organisations in other industries do, but their unique characteristics can heighten the risk and impact of such threats. This, alongside geographic and organisational complexity, and the interdependence between physical and digital infrastructure, means a culture of security and awareness coupled with a threat-disrupting and robust cybersecurity strategy is required. Cyber resilience, the ability to maintain the operation of essential functions even in the event of adverse cyber events is critical. 

An outdated software platforms can impact your organisation’s performance and you may be worried that they will be too expensive or problematic to replace. We can help you to securely transform your operations through the innovative use of technology, without replacing the entire digital infrastructure you have heavily invested in. Click here to find out more.