Like Technologies and BECBC

Increasing our visibility was something we set out to achieve in 2023. We wanted more people to know about us and what we do. It’s a fine balance, making ourselves more visible by attending events alongside being in the office and working in the business.

A small team we might be but by collectively making this decision at the start of last year meant we could make a plan. One of the priorities that aligned with our growth strategy was to take a more active role within the Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster. 

For the past 12 months we’ve committed to attending at least 80% of their monthly member events. We submitted our entry to the BECBC 2023 Awards in July, prepared a presentation for the judges in September and were a finalist in the Sustainability: Environmental category, attending the Awards in November. Congratulations to winners, Bechtel and Cavendish Nuclear – JV PFCS Project. In December, Kate was invited to be on one of their panels to discuss sustainability and the environment. 

If you’ve picked up on the progress theme in this newsletter then it’s likely you’ll know that we plan to continue to ‘be more visible’ into 2024. This includes BECBC but also expands to other clusters, membership organisations and networking opportunities. 

One of the first ways we’ll do this is by inviting members from the Electech Innovation Cluster into our building in March.