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HR Policy

Like Technologies Limited is committed to achieving its business objectives through its people. The Company accepts its ethical and business social responsibilities and recognises its obligation to conduct its activities in full knowledge of, and compliance with, the requirements of applicable employment legislation and Approved Codes of Practice. The Company will achieve this by adopting a policy of best practice in all people management procedures alongside providing occupational health services via a third party if required.

The principal objectives of the HR Policy are to ensure that:

  • All employees are selected, and recruited into the organisation, based upon their attitude, skill and competency
  • Management philosophies and practices promote and encourage motivation and retention of the best employees
    The employment relationship is based on mutual trust, fairness and equality of opportunity for all
  • The dignity of all employees is respected by their managers and fellow employees
  • No employee is subjected to discrimination or bullying of any kind
  • All employees are trained to carry out their role competently, in compliance with relevant legislation and guidance, and are supported to develop to their full potential
  • Compensation and reward mechanisms are designed to motivate all employees to work towards the achievement of Business and Individual goals
  • Communications between management, employee representatives and individuals are mutually accepted as open and honest
  • The Human Resources (HR) Department provides professional advice, guidance and practical support in employment matters to all levels of the business
  • Individual line managers/supervisors are responsible for ensuring that this policy is applied within their own area. The HR Department should be contacted to answer any queries relating to the application or interpretation of this policy

This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis and the company reserves the right to change any of the provisions set out in this document from time to time, as may be required.


Position:  Managing Director

Date:        07/10/2019