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Health and Safety Policy

Every employee has the right to feel safe at work. Like Technologies Ltd is responsible for the health and safety of its workers and is committed to making every effort to provide a healthy and safe work environment. We are dedicated to the goal of eliminating the possibility of occupational injury and illness.

Like Technologies Limited has responsibilities to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment, taking into account all risks and all relevant statutory requirements.

Management will be trained and held responsible for ensuring that all employees under their supervision follow this policy. They will be accountable for ensuring that employees use safe work practices and receive training  to protect health and safety.

Like Technologies recognises the importance of communication and participation of all workers in the business. Through the OH&S committee, employees are encouraged to play an active role in identifying hazards or ideas to improve the health and safety program.

Like Technologies management, all staff, contractors, visitors, owners, and others will cooperate with the OH&S committee and with anyone exercising authority in order to satisfy all  health and safety legal requirements and  to create a healthy and safe work environment.

It is the duty of each employee to report any hazardous conditions, injury, accident or illness related to the workplace as soon as possible. Employees must also protect their health and safety by complying with the applicable health and safety acts and regulations and Like Technologies procedures, rules and instructions found in ISSOSMART and the Company Handbook.

Like Technologies will use the hierarchy of controls to minimise or eliminate hazards. Where there are no other options, employees will be required to use PPE ( safety equipment, clothing, devices and materials for personal protection). These will be provided by the company free of charge.

A copy of this statement, will be displayed in suitable areas around the building and also in the QMS. The policy will be regularly reviewed by Management and amended or added to as appropriate.

The Health, Safety & Welfare of all persons affected by activities is the responsibility of all employees of the company.

Signed:  Signed by Kate Houlden, Managing Director

Position:  Managing Director

Date:        14/01/2020