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Bribery and Corruption Policy

It is the duty of all Like Technologies staff to fully understand that the company has zero tolerance to bribery and corruption both in offering, receiving or requesting inducements and will treat as gross misconduct anyone who engages in such activities.

The Bribery Act 2010 stipulates an offence where a financial or other reward is offered (or anticipated to be offered) from one person to another;

•  to induce a person (or another person) to perform improperly a relevant function or activity,
•  to reward a person (or another) for the improper performance of such a function or activity,
•  where the acceptance of the reward itself would constitute improper performance. Rewards may come in many forms such as cash, gifts, holidays, hospitality but may come in more discrete forms such as the promise of a reward for a spouse or close friend or the promise of a job.

Nevertheless, as per government guidelines, small "Tokens" of gratitude (in the form of small gifts or hospitality) can still be given or received as recognition of good business relations so long as they do not exceed a combined value of £100 in any one year and that their offering or acceptance would not be deemed likely to change the behaviour of the recipient.

In relation to "Tokens".

•  A "Token", either from or to a third party, over the value of £100 (either face value or market value) should be reported to the Managing Director so the implications of the offer can be assessed.
•  Any such "Token" to any third party must not expose an employee of the third party to breach their own Bribery and Corruption policy.
•  A "Token" that is difficult to value should be reported to the Managing Director for evaluation.

Signed:   Signed by Kate Houlden, Managing Director

Position:  Managing Director

Date:        01/05/2019